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Adrian Maidman

Planetarium II

drawing, ink and paint on handmade paper

“Planetarium II consists of abstract graphical depictions of light, carbon, and matter each interacting with the other in a form that represents their harmonious nature. It is inspired by the science community and the courageous astronauts that are able to understand the apparent chaos in the universe as to provide the world with incredible technologies that push society to a more harmonious existence with nature and each other”

Welcome to the Scott Award Exhibition 

2020: Inspired by others

It is with great enthusiasm that I am introducing the 2020's edition of the Scott Award Exhibition! 

The quality of the works have received is outstanding and I hope you will enjoy browsing this online exhibition expressing powerful feelings related to, inspired by, and escaping current exceptional circumstances.

-Adele Carraro, Curator 


Alice Hodcroft

Isolated Closeness

Oil on canvas

"It was inspired by the current Covid-19 situation of being isolated and alone as individuals but also being and feeling so close to neighbours, communities and those that I live with, which has produced a new complicated feeling of isolated closeness. I tried to express this through my artwork."

Izzy Trickey

Sensitive Girl, 

oil on canvas painting

“Inspired by the artist Henrietta Harris. Harris’ works focus on very detailed, carefully composed oil paintings (mostly portraits) which she then interrupts with a fantastical element of some sort. Whether that’s mirroring the face, covering it in a pink smear or painting wavy lines through the face as I have mimicked in my own painting, her disfiguring brush strokes create an intriguing contrast between detailed, accurate painting with abstract interruptions.” 

Inspired by Others

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